The 300 Workout Diet

If there’s anything the movie “300” is remembered for, it’s the rippling muscles and the sick pack abs men in that movie had. That’s not to say the overall story wasn’t great — if any, watching the 300 Spartans fight against the Xerxes to death is what anyone would term as an epic scene. But hey, truth be told; after watching the movie, weren’t the abs of steel or the bulging shoulders the warriors in that movie flaunted, part of the reason why you had to re-watch the movie?

Well, contrary to what most people believe, those muscles were not only generated by a well-designed workout plan, but the popular 300 workout diet as well. Surprisingly enough, unlike other diet plans, this one was created on truly healthy eating and crossfit workouts.

The key recommendation

To begin with, this diet plan actually recommended protein as the key ingredient in body building. See, people nowadays don’t just workout to build muscles or maintain flat abs, but also to increase their energy and lose weight. That said, the entire crossfit workout plan was diligently sculptured to provide the warriors with constant energy needed during the entire training session. For this reason, the whole diet plan was mainly centered on a healthy option of foods, which can also be found from a number of 300 supplements in the market today.


There are actually two types of proteins: complete and incomplete. And like we all know, these proteins are like the building blocks of muscle tissues. Now from the 300 workout diet plan, the major sources of complete proteins included egg whites, skimmed milk, skinless chicken breast and fish among others. The also took the best recovery supplements for crossfit after their workouts to supplement protein intake.

For incomplete proteins, the diet recommends brown bread, rice, beans and nuts. Even though the diet doesn’t specify the exact amount of proteins one should consume in a day, eating adequate amounts of complete proteins is extremely necessary for 300 muscles and abs.


For a strenuous and demanding exercise plan like that of 300, eating adequate amounts of carbohydrates to generate adequate amounts of energy is extremely imperative. Once again, the choices here are between healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy ones. And, like proteins, carbohydrates are also divided into two: complex and simple carbohydrates.

But since the diet recommends complex carbohydrates for muscle building, you can eat brown rice, pasta, whole white bread and vegetables.


Basically, micronutrient is a collective term for both minerals and vitamins. To be clear, the body normally requires these two nutrients in small quantities in order to function properly and efficiently utilize the calories consumed from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

To sum up, you can naturally build strong muscles by keeping your overall food ratio at 40% proteins, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats. On the same light, try to ensure that your diet contains adequate amounts of micronutrients by eating fruits like almonds and taking magnesium and zinc supplements, as well.


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